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Cold War3 essays

Cold War3 essays After World War II, a struggle between the Communist nations and the democratic nations occurred which is known as the Cold War. The United States had a policy set up that clearly stated that any nation invaded by a communist country would have the assistance of the United States Government in controlling Communism expansion. This theory was known as containment. Containment was used throughout the Cold War, and the policy appeared to be a success by stopping communist Russia. Was the United States wise in implementing their philosophy of containment? Since the Communist nations were held back and did not expand their beliefs, the goal of the United States was reached and containment served its purpose. In my opinion, enforcing containment was an excellent decision. During World War II, the Communist and democratic nations fought as allies against Japan, Germany, and Italy. We were indeed the most powerful nation but we did not wish to receive the burden of world leadership. Thus resulting in the reduction of armed forces for the United States. Then, as we entered the Cold War, the United States and Russia were on separate sides wishing to defeat the other. What caused this change? During World War II we both had a common goal, to counter the Nazi threat. After Hitler was defeated, the United States and Russia remembered their longstanding disagreements. Before the Cold War began, the United States reduced their arms, but Russia only kept expanding. After the U.S. discovered Russias plan of expanding, they began to increase their military weapons. In order to stop Russia, a plan to counter their expansion must have been made. In the March of 1947, Harry Truman declared in the Truman Doctrine, that the United States would help any free nation resist a Communist attack. The theory used to contain the expansion of Communism throughout the world was known as the Containment Policy. Some believed that his new theor...

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African American History in America

From slavery to freedom (2007), it was said that the transition from slavery to freedom is the subject in the history of African-Americans (1). The history of African Americans plays an important role not only for the civil rights movement but also for American history as African Americans strive to lead a good life and courage in America. African Americans have been in this country since the early 1600s and since then have been making history. The history of African Americans is the history of America. This is an echoed message from the Smithsonian National African American History and Culture Museum in Washington DC, opened in September after a century of planning. Americans' achievement brings the history of slave trade beyond the Atlantic that began hundreds of years ago and continues to today's popular culture. American African American History 1865 - 1960 Georgian Roots HIS 204: American History Mark since 1865 D. Bowls March 18, 2013 American African American History 1865 - 19 60 America African American History Americans experienced many difficult times in attempts to progress from slavery, freedom, and equal rights. In this article I will explain some of the important events of the time to clarify the role of African Americans in a wider range. Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet History 221 - 1877 Before describing the history of African-Americans: Your movie list can be selected in the course section of the course. †¢ Go to the list and select a movie. You have to see the whole movie. If you are unable to access the movie for placement, geographical location, or for any other reason, please contact your faculty to request alternative work. †¢ Please enter the answer on this form. I need to send a worksheet Black - African American history, as well as American history, is also the center of the United States and should be consistent with American history. The history of ancient Africans and African Americans must be part of our elementary sch ool and the introduction of high school curriculum is consistent with the national history of the United States. It is the basic cognitive discipline of psychology and tells us how to change the way people think eventually change behavior. This cognitive process depends greatly on who can identify themselves. Therefore, it is said that people with strong cultural identity are better at changing life than those who do not improve their lifestyle.

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Human resources and conflict management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human resources and conflict management - Essay Example Theoretical knowledge is extremely important in identifying the needs of the people and organization as well as the nature of the conflicts. My father has an appliance repair business and around 35 employees are working in our business. These employees are working in various departments such as servicing or maintenance, pickup and delivery, customer care, billing, sales etc. Moreover, people from different cultures are different nationalities are also working in our business. This paper analyses how human resource management and conflict management concepts I learned from my classes can be effectively applied in our business as well as in personal life. â€Å"Equal opportunity employment refers to the approach of the employers to ensure the practice of being fair and impartial in the employment process†(Equal employment opportunity, 2007). In my organization, we are keen to avoid cases of any kind of employment discrimination. We normally respect merit rather than the colour of skin or gender differences while recruiting and promoting employees. At the time of recruitment of employees, we value the academic achievements, technical skills, communication abilities decision making abilities and problem solving skills of the candidates rather than the culture, race, skin colour or gender of the candidates. â€Å"Employee benefits are all forms of consideration given by an enterprise in exchange for service rendered by employees†(Employee benefits, n.d., p.165). It can be divided into two categories; short term benefits and post- employment benefits. Wages, salaries, incentives, etc come under short term benefits whereas benefits given at the time of retirement or after the retirement are labeled as post-employment benefits. We have arranged a contributory pension plan for all the employees working in our organization. We deduct 10% from the basic salaries of each employee and deposit 20% (10% from employee salary +10% from our account) in the name of

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Threatened species - Bradypus Torquatus Coursework - 1

Threatened species - Bradypus Torquatus - Coursework Example The causes of deforestation are agriculture and urbanization. The size of the Atlantic forest, locally called as the Mata Atlantica, has been reduced to 10% of its original size (Hance, 2010). Gravely affected with such change in landscape are the maned sloths, because an individual needs as much as a hectare as habitat. As well, contributing in the increased risk of their extinction is the fact that their litter size is 1 and there are only 15-20 births between February and April, although the absence of distinctive mane among juveniles allows them to hide in their mother’s fur. These slow-moving animals that spend 60-80% of their time resting is susceptible to become prey to mammalian predators (Hayssen, 2009). Thus, this species is already enlisted as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Since human activity has a large part in it, ways on allowing harmonious co-existence between humans and wild animals must thus be determined before this endangered species become extinct. Studies are thus being made to identify effective means for humans to better protect B, torquatus and to facilitate the increase in the population of this animal. Since much of the problem concerns the habitat, one of the studies conducted tried to determine whether cacao agroforest, locally called as cabrucas, interspersed between the remaining patches of Atlantic forests can serve as a habitat for this endangered species. Agroforestry has long been suggested as a solution to decreasing wildlife population partly caused by human-initiated landscape changes. This way, humans can earn a livelihood, while providing habitat to displaced animals as well. For 40 months, Cassano and her colleagues (2011) monitored three maned sloths living in the Cabana de Serra farm containing primary and secondary forests interspersed with shaded cacao and rubber tree plantations. There were also swamp and pastures. The sloths

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The First Triumvirate :: Ancient Rome Roman History

The First Triumvirate "3 paragraphs, why did Caesar, Pompey and Crassus need the (amicittia) First Triumvirate." Crassus' motives for the need for the First Triumvirate according to Scullard are as follows, "Crassus supported a request from a company of tax-gatherers that the Senate should adjust a bad bargain which they had made in contracting for the taxes of Asia." His supporters had found out that Asia had been 'economically raped' due to the Mithradatic wars, where Asia was sandwiched. Cato, basically turning Crassus' political career towards the wall and going nowhere, rejected the one-third rebate. This was really bad in political terms his career had stagnated for such a politically ambitious man. Pompey's motives for the need of the First Triumvirate are according to Scullard both political and personal. As Scullard seems to suggest, " ... Pompey had been rebuffed by the Optimates in both his private and public life. Cato rejected a suggestion that Pompey should marry one of his relations, but of greater importance was Pompey's double request that his eastern settlement should be ratified by the Senate and that land should be provided for his veterans." Pompey who had promised his veterans land. The way he disbanded his army and approached the Senate alone requesting his reasonable requests seems to suggest that he was fairly confident that he had achieved enough, and that the Senate would pass the request, but instead the Senate rejected his requests. A few attempts where made to pass the land bill for his troops with the use of Afranius and Metellus Celer both proved ineffective. His political career had too stagnated and hit the wall, this would be going nowhere. The senate rejecting the ratification of the eastern settlement, which is perfectly normal due to the fact that sources suggest that Pompey did it on his own, will and did not consult the senate, so the even though what he did was an extraordinary achievement the Senate can say no and so they did. Caesar upon arriving back from his outstanding success, in Spain he paid back his enormous debt to Crassus and still a multi millionare. On his return he wanted a triumph and the consulship, but since he could not as a commander enter the city to stand for election, he asked the Senate for permission to stand in absentia. "Though there were precedents, the Senate refused." Caesar abandoned his triumph and entered Rome as an ordinary candidate.

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Philippine Contemporary Issue-Abortion

Philippine Contemporary Issue – Abortion Why is abortion a social problem today? I think why abortion is a social problem is for the fact that not everyone agrees with that and everyone puts in their prospective. So then everyone else does to which leads into making it a big problem. The act of seeking or obtaining an abortion is not a real issue today. The personal issue of the people in the position of seeking an abortion hasn't changed with the exception that these people don't have to do it on a criminal basis from unsafe, illegal sources.Personal issues of fear of discovery, regret, guilt (or lack thereof), and what this will mean to their future and future relationships has not changed overtime Predominantly Catholic, the Philippine Islands have banned all abortion, except that which saves the life of the mother. Yet there are an average of 470,000 abortions induced annually. Filipinas do not have the same socio-political climate as they do in the United States.There is no taxi service to public abortion clinics, judicial waivers, or counseling sessions. If you are caught having an abortion in the Philippines, it’s against the law and you are thrown in jail – plain and simple. Of the women who are successful in inducing their own abortions, many go to great – and often grotesque – lengths to achieve their goal. Most of them take some form of anti-clotting or aspirin-related drugs, to induce bleeding.Some drink incredible quantities of alcohol. When all else fails, they throw themselves down flights of stairs or beat on their stomachs, with the â€Å"help† of a local midwife†¦ others self-catheter their vaginas. All of these violent practices greatly endanger the mother as well; it’s shocking that a woman would harm herself like that for an abortion. I’m not detailing this because I think pregnant Filipinas should have it cushy like they do in the States.No way! I believe just the opposite: The U nites States needs to outlaw abortion, now. I’m amazed at how desperate we are, as a civilization, to kill unborn babies and end inconvenient pregnancies. It is stunning that the world feels so entitled to its desires and personal gain that we have huge social movements trying to protect murder on demand. Think hard about that. Murder on demand – on a worldwide scale.

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How To Say But in Spanish

Although pero and sino are the most common words translated from Spanish as but, they are used in different ways and cannot be substituted for each other. Like but often is,  pero and sino are coordinating conjunctions, meaning that they connect two words or phrases of similar grammatical status. And like but, pero and sino are used in forming contrasts. Differences Between Pero and Sino Usually, the Spanish conjunction to be used to indicate a contrast is pero. But sino is used instead when two conditions are true: when the part of the sentence coming before the conjunction is stated in the negative, and when the part after the conjunction directly contradicts what is negated in the first part. In mathematical-like terms, sino is used for but in sentences of type not A but B when A contradicts B. The examples below should make this clear. Heres another way of putting it: Both pero and sino can be translated as but. But in almost all cases, rather, but rather or instead also could be used as an appropriate translation where sino is used, but not for pero. Examples of Pero in Use Me gustarà ­a salir, pero no puedo. (I would like to leave, but I cant. The first part of the sentence isnt stated in the negative, so pero is used.)Marà ­a es alta pero no es fuerte. (Mary is tall, but she isnt strong. The first part of the sentence isnt stated in the negative, so pero is used.)Los huevos son fritos pero no revueltos. (The eggs are fried but not scrambled. Again, the first part of the sentence is stated in the affirmative.)Marà ­a no es alta pero es inteligente. (Mary isnt tall, but shes intelligent. Although the first part of this sentence is in the negative, pero is used because theres no direct contrast — theres no contradiction with being short and smart.)No son muchos pero buenos. (There arent many, but theyre good. Again, theres no direct contrast, so pero is used.)El virus Cà ³digo Rojo no afecta usuarios, pero Sircam no remite. (The Code Red virus doesnt affect users, but Sircam doesnt let up. The two parts of this sentence are used as a compariso n rather than a contrast, so pero is used.) Examples of Sino  in Use Marà ­a no es alta sino baja. (Mary isnt tall, but short, or Mary isnt tall, rather shes short. Theres a direct contrast between tall and short.)No creemos lo que vemos, sino que vemos lo que creemos. (We dont believe what we see, but we see what we believe, or we dont believe what we see, rather we see what we believe. Theres a clear and direct contrast between cause and effect used in this sentence.)El protagonista no era conde sino seà ±or. (The protagonist wasnt a count but a lord, or the protagonist wasnt a count, rather he was a lord. Although conde and seà ±or arent opposites, they are used in this sentence to contrast with each other.)No he venido a ser servido sino a servir. (I havent come to be served but to serve, or I havent come to be served; instead I have come to serve. Again, theres a direct contrast between the two purposes stated in the sentence.)El problema no es tuyo sino mà ­o. (The problem isnt yours but mine. Sino shows a contrast in ownership.) Other Ways of Saying But in Spanish When except can substitute for but, it is often possible to use excepto, menos, or salvo. In these cases, however, but and the Spanish word are arent used to form a contrast but to function as a preposition. Creo en la justicia para todos, excepto mis enemigos. (I believe in justice for everyone but  my enemies.)No conozco a nadie, excepto mi hija. (I dont know anybody but my daughter.)Me gustan todos los comentarios, menos el primero. (I liked all the comments but the first one.)Debemos considerar todas las posibilidades, menos esa. (We should consider all the possibilities but that one.)Todos los formularios,  salvo uno, està ¡n disponibles en inglà ©s. (All the forms but one are available in English.)Nadie, salvo yo, sabe lo que es bueno para mà ­. (Nobody but me knows what is good for me.)